How Holy Land Olive Wood Items are made?

The olive tree is native to the Holy Land where it has been cultivated since ancient times. The Bible contains many references to the culinary and religious uses of olive oil.  Olive oil was the main oil used to anoint kings and priest.

 I will be like the dew to Israel...His shoots will sprout and his beauty will be like the olive tree.  Hosea 14:5,6

Jesus prayed under the olive trees in the Garden of gethsemane prior of his trial and crucifixion. It is even possible the wood, which was used to crucify Jesus, was made out of Olive Wood. 

Olive woodcarving is an ancient tradition in Palestine that continues to the present day.

Olive wood has amazing natural grain. Items made out of olive wood still smells like olive oil. Making olive woodcarving involves skillful chiseling of the olive wood is very common in Bethlehem among local Christian artisans. The processes are very labor intensive and consist of many steps. Often involving more then one craftsman. Cutting and drilling tools are used to create the rough outline of the intended olive wood home décor item.  Next the wood is passed into skilled artisans whom transform the rough outline into a finished shape. Finally the item must be sanded down and then polished and coated with protective oil. To give the object a natural shine and ensure its long usage life.


The wood which is used to create our Olive wood ornaments, statues, necklaces, magnets, nativities, bracelets, rosaries mezuzah, crosses and many more are from pruning of the olive tree, which is essential process for healthier growth of the tress and generate sustainable environment. Visit our Holy Land Olive Wood category to view our selections. 

The olive tree's wood has a diverse variety of natural color and tone depth and an artistically smooth and elegant grain rendering it one of the most beautiful in the world.  Our olive woodcarvings will easily last a lifetime and be enjoyed by generations to come.


How to care for your Olive Wood item:

To maintain the luster of the olive wood apply olive oil using a cloth, as needed