If you are looking for a rustic, beautiful accent piece to round out your décor, then look no further. Any item from the olive wood line from Logos Trading Post is a perfect addition to tie together any décor: home, work, church, office, kitchen, bedroom, - perfect for any setting. Everything in our olive wood lineup is made out of 100% genuine olive wood. These beautiful olive wood pieces are sourced from Holy Lands all over - places like: Israel, Ephesus, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem – yes, the very same Bethlehem that was the birthplace of Jesus Christ our Savior. From the birthplace of Christ all the way to your living room, these pieces are both beautiful and significant.

For a reminder of what Jesus did for all of humanity at Golgotha, we have an incredible variety of beautiful hanging olive wood wall crosses. These crosses tie in seamlessly to any host of décors, and effortlessly put your faith on display. Home, kitchen, office, church, or otherwise, these hanging wall crosses are a great display of faith, and a potent reminder of the selfless sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us on the cross.

These rustic olive wood crosses come in all shapes and sizes. From more traditional hanging wall crosses to the ancient Crusader’s symbol of the Jerusalem Cross to the patron Saint Benedict Cross – we have just about anything you’re looking for. Even if you don’t have a place for a wall cross, we have standing crosses that come on a sturdy base so that you can place them on any surface: kitchen table, office desk, countertop – any place you’d like to display your faith in Jesus. Shop online or call the store to order yours today.

We have much more in our olive wood lineup. We also have our desktop olive wood line. These stylish pieces will add a layer of elegance to any desktop arrangement. We have two separate business card holders. One is just for holding business cards. It is small, sleek, stylish, and is a great accent on your desk. The other has two slots for holding writing utensils, in addition to having a large slot for your business cards. Both will really make your business cards pop. Then we have a pencil box. The pencil box provides a tidy and stylish option for organizing and grabbing your writing utensils with ease. Overall, the desktop olive wood line is where style meets practicality; order your desktop olive wood today online, or simply call the store.

Next up in our genuine olive wood line we have a stunning variety of Christmas olive wood. With dozens of ornaments and nativities to choose from, there’s something here for everyone’s Christmas décor. Hand crafted in the Holy Land of Bethlehem, our beautiful olive wood ornaments depict traditional Christmas scenes in respectful and minimalist fashion. It doesn’t get more rustic than an olive wood Christmas ornament from Israel, and that is exactly what we have here. Rustic, stylish, homey, and minimalist, these ornaments are a flawless addition to any Christmas tree or nativity. Even if it isn’t quite the Christmas season, these ornaments are right at home with just about any décor. In addition to these traditional ornaments, we also have our 3D nativity ornaments. These stunning grottos are a rustic depiction of the manger on the night of the birth of Jesus. They come in three sizes, each more detailed than the last. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, or be made a stand-alone nativity scene all by themselves. With such additions as our large olive wood musical nativity and our handcrafted 12-piece nativity set, your Christmas decorations are sure to be jolly this year. Order your Christmas olive wood online today, or just call the store directly.

Also in our olive wood product lineup, we have a very powerful Jesus with Cross figurine. This figurine is styled with smooth edges in very minimalist fashion, and comes in a standing Jesus and Cross or kneeling Jesus with Cross style. The figurine depicts Jesus on his way to Golgotha, where he selflessly gave his life in anguish for the sins of all mankind. This is a powerful, moving piece that will serve as a constant reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice, and will not allow to be forgotten the monumental weight of what he did for us. Order yours online today, or call the store directly.

Next in the olive wood lineup, we have our genuine olive wood chalices. These come in two variants: one is a plain olive wood drinking chalice, and the other depicts the scene of the Last Supper on the side – our special Last Supper olive wood goblet. Modeled with the Last Supper in mind, these chalices are meant to represent the Holy Grail the Jesus drank out of the night before his death. Adhere to Jesus’ command, drink as the disciples did in remembrance of him. Remember his birth, his life, and his death – never forget his sacrifice. Order your chalice online today, or call the store directly.

Our most recent additions include unique and wide-ranging products, such as a whole collection of Catholic olive wood. This includes categories like olive wood rosaries, olive wood icons, Catholic olive wood crosses, and olive wood bracelets.

This is our current lineup of genuine Holy Land olive wood products. However, we are always expanding our product lines and looking for new things that might both bless our customers and spread the Word of God. Be sure to keep checking back with us for new products!