Genuine Leather Keychain with Hand Carved Serpentine Stone Cross

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Genuine leather, handmade keychain with hand carved serpentine stone Jesus cross from Biblical Antioch.

Dimensions: 1” x 4”

This cross design is called “Jesus.” His sacrifice made it possible for us to be united with the Father. Hand carved work of art inspired by origins of one the most biblical places on earth. A masterpiece stone from the ages of Jesus. Blending the old-world stone carving art with Christian motifs, Logos Trading Post’s Antiochene stone sculptors have created unprecedented master works of art that decorate Christian homes.

“On this Rock” products are made in Biblical Antioch-Turkey where the followers of Jesus were called Christians first. ( Acts 11:26) These all hand made stone products are carved from a natural stone called black serpentine which is unique to Antioch. Antioch was founded near the end of the 4th century BC by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Antioch was called “the cradle of Christianity.” Each "On This Rock" Serpentine Stone product is hand-carved and style and design may vary in nature.

Made in Turkey

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