Logos Jewelry - In His Image, Sterling Ring (Mens)

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This Men’s signet ring symbolizes that we are made in His image, called according to His purpose, and that we are woven together with such intricacies man can scarcely comprehend. You are perfect just as God created you. Let this ring serve as a small token to remind you of God’s great love for you and His call upon your life. The “I” in the center of the cross is a reminder that your were made ‘In His Image,’ just as the text on the face of the ring says. This ring is made of pure sterling silver and comes in standard men’s sizes as well as half sizes.

 Size 8
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Size 8.5
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Size 9
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Size 9.5
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Size 10
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Size 10.5
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Size 11
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Size 11.5
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Size 12
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Size 12.5
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Size 13
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