Logos Trading Post focuses on providing the top  Children’s Pass Along Cards and other quality products for the purpose of spreading the message of Christ throughout the nations and throughout the world. We started the company because we have a passion and a heart for those in the Middle East. For every product that you buy a portion goes back to helping ministries around the world reach more people for the kingdom of God. We want to see God transform the lives of those who have never had an encounter with Jesus Christ. This is why we’re passionate about providing products and services that are in line with the great commission. We believe that by providing these products we are furthering the kingdom and we are helping believers reach more people for Christ.

The goal is to transform lives. We want people to be completely changed and revolutionize by the knowledge of what Christ has done for them. One of the ways that we do this is by selling  Children’s Pass Along Cards. These  Pass Along Scripture Cards signify what you believe and the faith that you have in God the father. These  Children’s Pass Along Cards are great conversation starter and can open up so many doors for those who are curious about their meaning. You can be simply walking down the street or going grocery shopping when someone inquiries about your  Children’s Pass Along Cards. This is a great opportunity for you to share your faith and let them know about the good news. We are excited about providing products that are demonstrating our faith and our belief in Christ.

One of the main goals without providing our products is so that were able to get back to ministries all across the world that are affecting nations. Jesus told us that we need to disciple nations and literally change culture from the inside out. The best way to do that is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every person. We want to be able to have the funds and the vacuum to be able to provide these people the love and the passion of Christ. We seek to support ministries and programs that are intentionally sharing the love of Jesus. We have built relationships with ministries over the years both local and international in order to empower them to reach nations for the Lord.

What are you doing your own life? How are you reaching your neighbors and the strangers that you passed by on the street? When you have purchased one of our  Christian Pass Along Cards this opens up so many opportunities for you to share your faith. It’s what were supposed to be doing and that’s what Jesus would have done. We want to make sure that people never miss an opportunity to share the love of God. Are you sharing the love of God? Are you telling people about what he has done in your life? When we received Christ was not just for ourselves but to be able to share it among our neighbors, our nations and the strangers that we never talk to.

This is your opportunity to not be ashamed of the gospel. You’ll be wearing something that reminded every day of what God is done for you and it’s a great opportunity to share to others what God has done for you. We need to start being more intentional about reaching people for the kingdom of God because our time is short and Jesus is coming back soon. Be intentional about sharing the love of Christ every day by wearing a piece of Christian jewelry is specifically signifies the grace, the love and the gospel of Christ. Check out all of our different products online today to see which one is going to be the best for you.

Quality  Children’s scripture Cards

Logos Trading Post has one mission and one mission. We want to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in every product that we produce, every product they sell and every person that we provide a product to. We believe that by providing the top  Children’s Pass Along Cards were able to get out the message of our Lord and Savior in a relevant way. If you’re looking for a way to showcase your beliefs and what stand for we invite you to visit online to see all of our products today. We believe that by providing quality Christian products and other services we are able to get the word out about Jesus has done for the world. We are here to help make Christ known throughout the country, throughout the world and throughout culture.

Why  Scripture Cards for kids? A Children’s Pass Along Card is a great way for you to be able to showcase what you believe and it’s a great conversation starter. Often times people will notice your  Children’s Pass Along Cards and they will be curious about what it means. This is your opportunity to open it up about you are, what believe and what Jesus Christ has done in your life. Often times people do not realize that what you wear can actually be a doorway in to minister to someone. The number one goal is to help Christians reach their neighbors and nations to the products that we provide. We believe that by distributing these products we’re helping you showcase your faith and making an impact everywhere you go.

Much of what we do support around the message of Christ and helping those who have not heard Christ’s message be aware of what he has done for them. Every time you purchase one of our products or one of our  Scripture Cards for children we are getting back to ministries throughout the world that are helping bring the good news to every corner and every home of that nation. The ultimate goal is to focus on the middle east and preaching the gospel unashamed of what our Lord has done for us. We want to be able to provide quality products for you to share your faith and a portion of the profits go back to sharing our faith around the world. It is our number one goal to make sure that were reaching out to those who have not heard the good news.

There so many different types of ministries that we been blessed to work with over the years and we have seen life transformations simply by getting back to them. This is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Most of the time people get caught up in everyday life and they forget why we are here on this Earth. We are here to showcase the love of Christ and let everybody know what he has done for them. Why are you here? Why do you go outside your door? Are you living for yourself? Are you looking for the God universe who is looking to bring people and reconcile them back into his arms.

So if you’re looking for quality Christian products and quality pieces of jewelry that I can help showcase what you believe and open up that door we invite you to visit Logos Trading Post online today. We are excited about what God is doing through our company and what we are able to do because of your loyalty to our brand. Start supporting the mission of reaching those in the Middle East and see God we can move among the nations. This is just the first step in changing the world by providing these products and getting back to those who are following the great commission.