Christian Fine Jewelry, Sterling Silver


Have you ever wondered where you could buy Christian Jewelry of tremendous quality and stately appearance? Logos Trading Post is your go to location for Christian Jewelry. Available in a spectacular sterling silver, these timeless rings, necklaces and earrings  will always be in style. Displaying an embossed emblem of the crown of thorns and cross is just one way these rings serve as a constant reminder of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. 

If you’ve never heard of Logos Trading Post, you may be asking yourself what exactly is this company that retails these fantastic Fine Christian Jewelry? Logos is known as the divine word, or doctrine of heavenly reason and creative order, as found in the Gospel of John 1:1-14. Simply, put Logos Trading Post is a Christian company devoted to serving God and those who are dedicated to spreading His word. With the purchase of any of their items of virtuous quality, including, but not limited, to Fine Christian Jewelry, home decor, and gift sets, Logos Trading Post will donate a portion of all profits on sales to aiding organizations in spreading His word. If you’ve ever considered purchasing a Christian ring as a family heirloom, make a difference, and buy Fine Christian Jewelry from Logos Trading Post.

Logos Trading Post endeavors to spread the word of the Gospel in everyday life. What this means for you is that with every purchase, a portion of the sale goes to aiding ministries, who uphold the same Christian beliefs. A particular cause that Logos Trading Post has been adamantly dedicated to is spreading the word of God to those who have not yet been blessed by hearing it, especially to those individuals living in the Middle Eastern countries of the world. It is their calling to aid all believers in fulfilling their commitment to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by bringing their neighbors across the globe to the light of God. By purchasing your home decor and Christian necklaces and rings needs from Logos Trading Post, you are benefiting a cause that yourself and the Christian community, can wholeheartedly support.

Each and every day there are women, men and children in desolate places worldwide that are unable to receive the medical care that they so desperately need. The medical ministries that Logos Trading Post stands behind are those that not only save weakened bodies, but also, help rebuild damaged and weakened souls. Medical ministries work alongside local ministries to assist with a variety of medical needs including, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and emergency medical needs. When you make the conscious decision to buy Christian Jewelry from Logos Trading Post, you are making a decision that could be making a true difference in the world. Help us support those in need and fulfill your Christian apparel and jewelry needs at Logos Trading Post.

Gifts from Logos Trading Post

Have you been wanting to buy Christian Jewelry as a gift to members of your congregation or as a gift to yourself? Well look no further, because Logos Trading Post is the go-to spot for your men’s Christian ring needs. That special gentleman in your life will look splendid sporting a stately Crown of Thorns and Cross ring from Logos Trading Post. If you have any further question about Logos Trading Post or any of their fine quality items, please reach out to them at They have a team of caring customer service representatives that would love to help you.

Logos Trading Post’s Christian Jewelry are available in sizes eight through thirteen, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect fit for you or your loved one. Not only does Logos Trading Post offer a hearty variety of sizes, your new Christian ring comes in two color options. Choose from either a stunning 14K gold or sparkling sterling silver when you go to buy Christian Jewelry from Logos Trading Post. Each quality metal choice features black accents. The black accents surround a cross that is encompassed by the crown of thorns.

It’s hard to believe that you’ve been able to go this long without owning such a miraculous piece of jewelry. With such a timeless and stately emblem, the Crown of Thorns and Cross ring from Logos Trading Post will not only look great, but also serve as a daily reminder of Our Lord and Savior, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ’s, sacrifice for us. Every time you find yourself or your loved one catching a glimpse of their superb ring on their hand, they, or yourself, will be reminded of the Passion of Christ. Every ring symbolizes the promise of hope in that Christ will rise again. Give the gift of hope to someone you love today!

If it’s appearance and symbolism alone is not enough reason to convince you to buy Christian Jewelry, then think of the good you could do in the world with every purchase from Logos Trading Post. With every purchase, Logos Trading Post will give back to those, who are truly dedicated in spreading the word of the Gospel. It has been a passion of the company to reach places in the world that have been previously untouched by the life changing and saving words of the Gospel. Logos Trading Post’s current outreach focus has been towards isolated areas in the Middle East. It is Logos Trading Post’s desire that they too will be able to hear the word of Our Lord and Savior.

As Roman 10:17 says, “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” Not only does Logos Trading Post allow you the opportunity to spread the Word through the purchase of their Christian Jewelry, bookmarks, or mouse pads, but also through helping them reach out to those you have been deaf to Christ’s words. Support medical ministries. Help bring aid to those in disastrous situations. Spread the word to the world’s youth, and make your Christian gift giving purchases from Logos Trading Post.