It is the season to be merry and bright! Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best and most fun parts of the Christmas season. Whether you do it yourself or make it an experience for the whole family, decorating for Christmas is an excellent time to be had each and every year. If you are looking to add some new pieces to your Christmas décor collection, we have plenty of excellent options for you!

Logos Trading Post specializes in Christian décor products. Not only are they beautiful pieces suited for any home, but they also make excellent conversation starters because of the story behind them. Our products are designed to serve believers as reminders of Jesus Christ and His ministry to the world.

The Significance of Olive Wood

Our Christmas ornaments, like the majority of our wooden products, are made entirely of solid olive wood. Olive wood comes from olive trees, which have a long-standing presence and significance in Jewish and Christian history. Olive trees are significant components of the Mediterranean economy. For this reason, they are not harvested for their wood. The olive wood décor and furniture pieces you see available for purchase in the world come from branches, tree clippings, or trees that have fallen due to storms, disease, or age. In this sense, the trees that have been lost live on for a new purpose as beautiful decorations.

For this reason, olive wood is considered to be a luxurious item. It is a durable wood that is easy to carve and mold into beautiful pieces of art, furniture, and kitchenware/utensils. Because of the natural variations in the wood's trees, similar to snowflakes, no two hand-crafted pieces are alike. With that being said, olive wood products are unique and precious to the Christian community.

Our Mission

All of our products come from the Holy Land. They are made by artisans in several major cities, including Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Because we buy our products from this region, we help create work and support the economy in these areas. We are also helping with spreading the Gospel in Asia Minor. A portion of our profits from every single sale goes towards these efforts to investing in kingdom-building work.

This Christmas

We have a wide variety of Christmas ornaments that are made of olive wood. Each piece is hand-crafted in Bethlehem. They are gorgeous pieces that complement any Christmas tree or mantel.

Many of our ornaments depict the Nativity scene. Remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season with authentic olive wood décor made in the Holy Land! Born of the virgin Mary, Jesus of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem. In the animals' stable of an old inn, baby Jesus was laid in a manger. We have all heard the story, but what is the best way to SHOW it?

We have both 2D and 3D options that are sure to wow you. We have ornaments that tell the whole story. We have ornaments that depict every aspect: the shepherds, the wise men, the angels, Mary and Joseph's flight to Bethlehem, the Holy family, and more. There are multiple designs, as well. We have bells, stars, and Christmas trees, to name a few. If you are having a hard time choosing, we have a four-piece 3D ornament set as well!

One of our favorites is our Bethlehem Shooting Star Nativity Ornament 2D- Holy Land Olive Wood ornament. Featuring the Holy family at its center, this shooting star ornament is beautifully crafted to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. With Bethlehem adorned on the front, remember that cold night in history when the savior was born. This piece measures two inches x four inches long. This ornament can be purchased in bulk.

If you do not need Christmas ornaments, we still have plenty of cool things you are sure to like. We have natural olive wood nativity rounds and logs for those who want a more rugged and rustic look. We have several different olive wood statues or figurines, if you will, that give an elegant touch to any home. We have a 12-piece Faceless Nativity Set Statues From Israel that are the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas decorating.

Be sure also to check out our Christmas inspired paper products. If you are looking for an easy way to spread the joy of the Gospel this Christmas season, then our Christmas pass-along cards are the perfect fit for you. Pass-along cards make great stocking stuffers. Or, carry them with you as handouts for those in need of an encouraging word! These wallet-sized cards are not only great ministry tools but a sweet and straightforward way to spread the true meaning of Christmas to everyone you pass by.

For the avid readers in your family, our Christmas bookmarks make a great gift or stocking stuffer. Not only can you spread Christmas cheer, but you can also encourage your loved ones to read their Bibles and devotionals consistently. Sometimes the smallest, most intentional gifts can bring the greatest amount of joy and encouragement.

Logos Trading Post is an entirely online business that aspires to provide quality products for your Christian needs. We can send you your items in just a few business days. We are happy to serve you and help you find some great pieces for your home and gifts for your loved ones.

This Season

Christmas is the season of giving. At Logos Trading Post, we have several great items that make excellent Christmas gifts. Make sure to check out our website and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Support a Christian company and the efforts of furthering God's kingdom while decorating your home this Christmas season!

In these unprecedented times, peace and healing are a significant concern as this pandemic ensues. We pray that you have a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy, warmth, excellent food, and quality time with your loved ones. Remember to pray for the less fortunate and have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.