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Logos Trading Post is the leading provider of Christian Challenge coins. Also offering large selection of inspirational pocket tokens available wholesale. 

A sign of commemoration, challenge coins are an honored tradition that can tell the story of your organization, a significant achievement, or remind the recipient of timeless truth. The Logos Trading Post team is ready to help you produce custom challenge coins with even the most intricate of details to capture all the important elements of 
your organization's needs. Challenge coins are great tools to use for fundraising or as a token of appreciation for your donors. If you are looking for a gospel coin, Logos Trading Post has a large selection to pick from. 

We make creating custom bulk coins for your ministry or organization easy. We offer a wide variety of preselected designs and styles to choose from or we can create a completely unique coin to highlight your individual needs.

There are numerous coin plating materials to choose from such as gold, antique gold, silver, antique silver, brass, nickel, copper, rose gold, and more. The option to include epoxy paint colors and full-color printed images is also available.

Your coin can be packaged in a variety of selections such as velvet pouches or boxes, acrylic cases, stands, or PVC envelopes.

Logos Trading Post provides:

  • Fast turn-around

  • Quality materials and services

  • A proven track records

  • Low minimum order quantities at a fair price



Logos Trading Post makes custom Christian coin manufacturing accessible to everyone — Academic and Sports Teams/Clubs, Christian Movie Makers, Non-Profits, Christian Ministries, Churches, Youth outreach, Coffee Shops, Big Name Brands, and many more.

Give us a call at 918-481-9999 or contact us to get started on your custom Christian challenge coin today!

Christian Challenge Coins, Pocket Religious Coins

What if you could carry a heavenly ID card? That is precisely what Christian Challenge coins are! Pocket coins, in general, have been around for years! From Ancient Rome to the World Wars, challenge coins have been used for centuries. They are beneficial to everyone in some way, shape, or form.

Here at Logos Trading Post, we love challenge coins, and we want you to love them too! In this blog article, we want to give you some background of Christian challenge coins, how Christian challenge coins can help spiritually, and what different kinds of coins our company sells.

Challenge coins have an extensive history. Wikipedia defines Challenge coins as "A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion, bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organization's members. Traditionally, they might be given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale." It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when challenge coins came to be.

According to Mental Floss, the earliest known example of challenge coins as a reward for bravery took place in an accident in Rome. In ancient Rome, the challenge coins were used as a form of payment if the soldiers performed exceptionally well in their duties that day. "Some accounts say that the coin was specially minted with a mark of the legion from which it came, prompting some men to hold on to their coins as a memento, rather than spend them…" (Mental Floss)

The first modern use of a challenge coin dates back to World War I. A wealthy officer had bronze medallions made for his soldiers with their squadron's insignia on them. One of the pilots from this squadron was struck down and captured by Germany. The pilot escaped from Germany and went to France. France believed the pilot was a German spy. As the pilot scrambled to prove his identity, he found his medallion and was able to prove who he was.


When someone reaches into their pocket they will feel the coin immediately and it reminds them to read the words and challenge themself to live out those words.

We can still see pocket religious tokens used to show appreciation to those serving in the military. Challenge coins have also been used for the president and vice presidents. According to Mental Floss, "There are usually a few different Presidential coins—one for the inauguration, one that commemorates his administration, and one available to the general public, often in gift shops or online. But there's one special, official presidential coin that can only be received by shaking the hand of the most powerful man in the world. As you can probably guess, this is the rarest and most sought-after of all challenge coins." The president can also give these coins based on their discretion, but they are generally saved for special occasions, military personnel, or foreign dignitaries.

Christian Challenge coins have significant meaning, just like challenge coins used in the secular world. Christian Challenge coins help anyone who has one grow to the best to be their best spiritually. Many Christian Challenge coins feature scriptures and essential events in the bible. When these coins are carried with us, it is a consistent reminder of who we are in Christ. Just like the pilot proved who he was with his medallion, Christian challenge coins are something that you can carry with you to remind you of who you are in Christ. Christian Challenge coins are equipped with scriptures that you can take with you every day that remind you of your identity. You not only can prove who you are to yourself, but you can give these coins to your family and friends so they can be able to prove who they are in Jesus.

Logos Trading post features hundreds of pocket coins that have scriptures and remind Christ-followers of who they are in Christ. Many of our coins feature the scripture Philippians 4:13, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." This reminds people who own this coin that their strength comes from God. This scripture is featured on all of our school and sports coins. Our school coins are great to encourage a student in your life who participates in football, soccer, tennis, debate club, golf, spelling bees, basketball, hockey, track and field, and baseball. The school challenge coins are a great way to encourage students in the extracurricular activities they are a part of with God's word.

We also have challenge coins for people no longer in school but still need that same encouragement to carry with them in the form of a coin. We have our men's and women's purity coins that also feature this scripture. This coin reminds people where their strength comes from and that they can be pure through Christ.

Our Favorite coin is the Psalms 91 coin. Especially with how 2020 has been with the pandemic, this coin definitely reminds us that we are safe and protected in Christ. This challenge coin is an excellent token of faith to carry with you. This Psalm 91 coin is meant to help facilitate peace in even the most difficult times. Whatever your challenge, whatever your battle, know that the King of Kings is on your side. This beautiful divine protection challenge coin is a fantastic tool to serve as a reminder of faith. It is excellent to keep in a pocket, purse, or backpack to carry with you wherever you go or put it on display on any table or desktop.

Challenge coins have a significant meaning. Whether it's a way to identify a pilot or a way to identify in Christ, Challenge coins are great for anyone and a great reminder of who you are. Religious pocket coins are fantastic tools to carry with you and to give to friends and often have great scriptures on them. You can use Christian challenge coins to remind you of your identity in Christ. At Logos Trading Post, we have hundreds of coins to choose from! Head over to the challenge coins page to see all of the cool and unique designs we have. 


About Challenge Coins 

Challenge Coins date back to WWI (some say as far back as the Roman Empire) and were meant to be a sign of unity in camaraderie in a group, facing the demands of some particular challenge. In most cases, it would be military units during a wartime period. Logos Coins are produced military-grade quality. We offer the largest religious, Catholic, and Christian Coins collection. 

What is a Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are common in the military.  Service members carried them in a pocket, and used them as a touch stone to remember their unit, or some important happening. And sometimes they just collected them. The challenge part came when someone asked if you had yours, and if you didn't then you had to do pushups or buy drinks, etc.