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Let Us Be Faithful as God is Faithful to Us

Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Faith is key, because it is the basis of our relationship with God - the belief that He will remain true to His promises. It is our joy, then, to offer pass along scripture cards that can strengthen the faith of fellow believers through the power of scripture.

Let us take a moment to discuss the verses and encouraging words featured on these Bible verse cards and pass along scripture cards:

Have Faith - Let John 8:12 Encourage You!

The first of the pass along scripture cards featured on this page is our Bible verse card with John 8:12 written on it, which says, “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” Let us remember that Jesus is both at the right hand of the Father, advocating for us, and present in our lives through His Spirit, guiding us toward our best and most fulfilling path. Like so many that have gone before us, we can live in faith that He is truly the brightest light, counting on Him to guide us through any and all darkness. This is the heart behind our John 8:12 Pass Along Scripture Cards.

Have Faith -  Let The Words of Saint Francis Encourage You!

Another one of our pass along scripture cards has some encouraging words uttered by St. Francis of Assisi many centuries ago, and those words uttered were, “A single sunbeam is enough to drive many shadows.” This definitely relates to our John 8:12 scripture card, drawing again on the imagery of light piercing through the darkness. That said, while Christ is the brightest light - and even the truest light - “a single sunbeam” is small. Nonetheless, it is still powerful. After all, Jesus indeed referred to Himself as “the light of the world” in John 8:12, but He also calls all those who follow him “the light of the world” in Matthew 5:14. That in mind, we can have faith that God’s light is not only a guide to us, but that His light can shine through us in the small acts of faith we carry out in our lives day to day. This is the heart behind our St. Francis Faith Pass Along Scripture Cards.

Have Faith - Let Psalm 119:105 Encourage You!

Another one of our pass along scripture cards has Psalm 119:105 written on it, which says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Keeping the light theme going, this verse expresses that we can have faith not only in God Himself, but in the things He has said in the past. In the context of what the Psalmist is saying throughout Psalm 119, we can see that he is encouraging the sort of lifestyle where we depend upon and dwell upon the Word of God and the Law of God. When we are obedient to God’s precepts, however, we can have faith that it is not useless effort; instead, God has left His commandments and all of His Words to guide us through life. This is the heart behind our Psalm 119:105 Pass Along Scripture Cards.

Have Faith - Let 2 Chronicles 16:9 Encourage You!

Another one of our pass along scripture cards has 2 Chronicles 16:9a written on it, which says, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” This verse especially presents faith as it really is, a commitment to God. It’s more than just trust, than believing our prayers will come true - though both of these things are definitely a part of the equation. We are to commit ourselves to Him, loving Him, following His guidance, and boldly proclaiming Him in all that we do; this is the essence of faith. However, take heart, for this scripture comes with a promise: God is on the lookout for those faithful to Him, faithful Himself to strengthen them in body and spirit. This is the heart behind our 2 Chronicles 16:9 Pass Along Scripture Cards.

Have Faith - Let Matthew 17:20 Encourage You!

The final pass along scripture card we feature on this page has a simple encouragement based in Matthew 17:20 written on it, which says plainly, “Faith can move mountains.” Our understanding of faith would not be complete if we didn’t realize just how powerful a thing it is to have faith in God. Our faith, our trust that God really is at work and that He really will come through, is one of our primary means of affecting the world around us. Indeed, though we can make some difference in our own strength, it cannot possibly compare to what can happen to bring positive change when we put our faith fully in God - in His own might and in His faithfulness to strengthen us as we live out our own life journeys. This is the heart behind our Matthew 17:20 scripture cards!

The Best Part About Our Pass Along Scripture Cards

We hope all of this has been edifying to your faith, but let’s not forget the best part of these Bible verse cards: encouraging others. We don’t call them Pass Along Scripture Cards for nothing! These cards can serve to edify your faith in what they have written upon them, but they can edify both your faith and the faith of others in the act of sharing them with others. However you utilize these Bible verse cards and pass along scripture cards, we hope they remind you that God is trustworthy and that you can place your full faith in Him.