Logos Trading post is a company with purpose, offering products made in Biblical Asia Minor. We have Christian gifts and home decor for all your occasions. You will find our unique and incredible mini rug mouse pad, coasters, bookmarks, and the best Christian gift items for him or her, or for your newest graduated. Our Christian Jewelry items are produced in Asia Minor, now known as modern-day Turkey. They are of the best high production quality, engraved with value and inspiration.

Lo•gos, means The WORD. It is a Greek word. We see that in the Gospel of John. We believe that The Word of God is revealed to us in His son Jesus Christ. We aim to provide the highest quality inspirational gift items for you to use as a reminder of your faith. As you reflect on the written Word of God you can pray for the people of Asia Minor. You can pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Turkey and the Middle East.

Our calling is to serve you and serve the Global Church in giving and supporting the work of the Gospel. When you use one of our Lo•gosPad mouse pad you will know you are handling a perfect replica of a traditional Turkish rug. Our beverage coaster are the same, they are durable and non-slippery. Our woven Bible marks are unmatched. You can not find a bookmark like our Lo•gos Bookmarks which are very soft and won’t bulk up your book or Bible.

We received the best gift from God when the Lord Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross. This is the very reason Christians loves giving a gift to each other. We can not think of a better way to give a  gift that can inspire, give hope, and joy than to give a gift includes The Word of God. The Word of God is real and alive and speaks to us. There is no better way for a Christian to meditate on the Word than to keep the Word visible in your everyday life. We will put the Word in front of you via these beautiful products.

If you are looking for the perfect ring to remind you what Christ has done for you or to help you meditate on his sufferings, then don’t look other than our exclusive design The  Crown of Thorns and Cross rings. Check out our Christian Rings section.  The Crown of Thorns and Cross ring comes in two metal options, Silver or Gold.

Our Founder Dr. Enis was born and raised in the city of Antioch in Turkey. His family is gold and silversmiths. Working on Gold and shaping this precious metal into a marvelous piece of artwork is time-consuming and takes a commitment to a life long learning. Our Gold Masters are one of kind. They love creating great products and honoring God with the work of their hands.

Asia Minor, which was the Biblical time's beacon of Christianity and is current modern-day Turkey, is a world class place for rug making. We took these great Turkish rugs, and miniaturized them and placed  Bible verses on them. The Turkish mini mouse rug pads which we call the Lo•gosPad come in many many different designs. Our mini rug mouse pads are very durable, non-slippery, and washable. They are created using silky yarn in a woven technique and are not print.

You will also find one of kind rug table runners and placemats in our store for your home decor needs. These are again Turkish rug designs and patterns woven with silky yarns.

For Christian gifts, Christian rings, Christian jewelry, or Bible accessories. Check us out. We are here to serve you.


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